Dr. Allen is a teacher and trainer at heart. She has taught psychology and communication courses since 2002. In private practice she works with large and small groups to train leaders to become more effective at communicating, motivating and influencing teams to achieve their best. Participants are left with techniques that they can implement immediately to begin making positive changes. Her training sessions range from one hour to full day seminars. Each presentation is customized to meet the needs of each client.  


"We were a mess until we met ZaLonya!" Wayne Maki, 2016 Dolphin Tank Pitch competition $10,000 winners and Founders of Mutual Adoration 

One to one coaching is for those who want to delve deeper and work privately on taking their lives, careers and businesses to the next level. One to one coaching allows clients to receive the support they need to experience the breakthroughs they want. Using proven strategies to create lasting mental shifts, clients are able to reach their goals and achieve measurable results in record time. Areas of focus include: personal development, professional development and public speaking.

Leadership, Motivation, Communication, ​Diversity

Dr. ZaLonya Allen

Shaping a New

Generation of Leaders

"It was a transformation.... You believed in me until I could believe in myself!" Nicol Pasuit, 2017 Dolphin Tank Pitch Competition $5,000 winner and Founder of TechStack 

ZaLonya Allen, PhD is an award winning speaker and author specializing in motivation and leadership development. For over fifteen years Dr. Allen has been delivering dynamic high content presentations to audiences throughout the country. She speaks from experience and years of training and education. She is the author of Dream: A Collection of Inspirational Poetry and 7 Steps to Developing the Leader in You. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, Dr. ZaLonya Allen is The Right Speaker for Your Next Event.


Not sure what you need to get to the next level? Our consulting program helps teams and individuals identify strengths and weaknesses along with providing recommendations for improvement. You will complete a needs assessment to help you determine the best plan of action to get you the results you desire. Whether you want to go from mediocre to good, good to great or great to extraordinary there is always room for growth and we can help you get there.

* All services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client.  


Career and Leadership Development Expert