Dr. ZaLonya Allen

Career and Leadership Development Expert


"What a treat it was to have you on the Michigan Life Moxie speaker team! Thank you for bringing your passion, energy and expertise to the women. They loved you!" Ann Tardy, Founder

"Thank you so much for presenting at our Diversity Symposium last week...the feedback we have received so far has been Awesome!" Andrea Grucsik, Toledo Area Human Resource Association Committee

"One of the best speakers we have ever had. Very personable! They loved it!" Director at Tower Loan

“Dr. Allen was by far the most pleasant speaker that I have had the opportunity to be a part of.... When she got there she didn’t sit around; she got right to the chase. She took every opportunity she had and used it wisely.”

Tori Miller, Dryden High School

"Outstanding! An issue like diversity can sometimes be controversial but your presentation addressed everyone and everyone enjoyed it. We were all pleased and would like to have you come back again!" Cal Clark, Vice President, Ford UAW​

"Your 'Knockout Presentations' presented at our May 17th Customer Skill Center Workshop was a very informative and inspiring presentation! Comments overheard by the workshop participants were, outstanding, many useful tips, very helpful, excellent delivery techniques, gives direction for adding power to my next talk." Zelma Smith-Dexter, Supervisor, Detroit Edison 

​ "I have found ZaLonya to be professional in her preparation and delivery, and her students rate her excellent consistently... I had an opportunity to attend one of her workshops and it was well researched and received by her audience." Joyce Silagy, Manager Corporate Training Program, Southfield Public Schools

"ZaLonya commands attention when she speaks. She is articulate, poignant and captures the audience as she describes her personal story and how she overcame her childhood challenges. ZaLonya motivates her listeners to do the same. By the end of her talk, you will find the applause thunderous." Elinor Stutz, Author and CEO of Smooth Sale

"Please accept our thanks for your excellent workshops. We look forward to working with you in the future." Romona Saunders, Workshop Committee, Federally Employed Women

"Thank you for speaking to our organization on such an important subject as, Using Assertive Communication to Get What You Want. Your presentation helped us gain knowledgeable information that we all can use and it was enjoyed by all in attendance." Barbara Bacon, Meetings and Program Committee, International Association of Administrative Professionals 

"I would like to personally thank you for your valuable contribution to our Professional Development for Women Conference. Your useful and beneficial seminar treated out attendees to an excellent opportunity to grow in their professional development." Helena Douglas, Senior Director Clemson University. 

Thank you for such a good conference! They enjoyed your poetry a lot as well as the activities and packets. I found you to be so very personable, sincere and you have a sense of peace about you that is comforting. Judy Van Western, Student Activities Liaison, Muskegon Community College

Thank you for speaking to my career search seminar last week. Your presentation was inspiring and strongly related to the theme of the seminar. You presented us with encouragement and an attitude to win. You also presented yourself as and excellent role model for the students in the seminar. You were prepared, professional and enthusiastic! Arthur Clarke, Business Program Chair, Concordia College

Many students commented on how much they enjoyed the interactive nature of your presentation, your energy and enthusiasm as well as your poetry! Many also liked the real-world examples that you used too, and said that they were really able to relate. The only thing that I would change would be the amount of time allotted-one hour just wasn't enough! Erin S. Fortuna, Career Services Supervisor, Macomb Community College  

Dr. ZaLonya Allen spoke at Abcott Institute providing our students with a powerful presentation entitled, "Say Yes to your Dreams with Confidence." Dr. Allen made a strong connection with many of us, by sharing her personal experiences and offering motivation to all with her 7 steps to success... I applaud her dedication and I am inspired by her determination to make a difference in others. Simona Vasquez, Student Services, Abcott Institute.

Shaping a New

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